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May 24th 2017

July 26th 2017

What do we do?

We bring the full range of new thinking, alongside deep experience of established methods.  We help you draw out the capacity of your organisation and everyone in it. We provide you with the space to think, to feel, to reflect – so that you can reveal your full potential. We provide you with technical, managerial, personal and spiritual expertise so that you can realise that potential.

We do this in several ways:

Conversation:  Discover insights, ideas and inspiration from a conversation with us.

An inspirational takeoff:

A 2-3 hour conversation: an open, relaxed environment where you can feel safe challenging your deepest thoughts and barriers, and revealing hidden strengths.  This conversation is like a balloon rising in the atmosphere – the longer it goes on the wider your perspective, the broader your horizon, and the greater the range of landing places.

A deeper exploration:

We host events on many themes all related to “inspiring work that allows people and organisations to thrive and make a difference in the world”.   We tailor these events to the audience, but they always provide: space for reflection and meditation; challenge from subject-matter experts; companionship from your colleagues; synthesis of the personal and the organisational; closure so that you know what you will do next.

Good co-pilots for the onward journey:

We also do lots of other things that everyone else does – vision, values, purpose, organisational development, leadership, coaching, organisation design, change management.  We do them in a very special way, working with people and organisation together, in a spirit of service and love in action.

Who are we?

Khôra is a community of highly experienced business people who have come together so that we are better able to provide the help people need.  In a spirit of service and love in action, we foster dialogue and discussion, accompanying people on their journey and encouraging them to break out from convention and transform their contribution to the world.  With wholeness, connection, clarity and courage we help them weave a new tapestry of working life strengthened by a warp of structures, systems and processes that integrate subsidiarity, responsiveness, quality and agility to deliver net positive impact.

Graham Boyd

Graham Boyd

Jo Edwardes

Jo Edwardes

Jane Gunn

Jane Gunn


Jon Freeman

Georgeanne Lamont

Georgeanne Lamont

Joolz Lewis

Joolz Lewis

Karen Szulakowska

Karen Szulakowska

David Wetton

David Wetton

  • “When he first met with my Vice-Chair and I, Eoin quickly adapted himself to our dynamic and ably grasped the very challenging issues we faced. In our partnership we are on new operational and cross-cultural ground, attempting what has not, as far as any of us are aware, heretofore been achieved.”

  • “She taught me some very simple, but very powerful, tools simple actions like listening and reflecting can feel very out of place in a busy, task oriented, workplace – but this event showed me the creative potential available to any business if it chooses to tap into the whole resources of each unique individual.”

    Teresa M (FD)
  • “Joolz ‘gets’ people and culture… Not only do I view her as a trusted confidante, whose judgement and challenges I trust, but I know that her thinking always has the culture, community and people of our business at its core.”

  • “I have watched him develop ideas and present them – both in formal presentations with slides and perhaps even better leading/facilitating open discussions when he is usually superb.”

    Alan H (CEO)
  • “A trusted confidante whose challenges and judgement I value, because I know she has the people of our business at her heart.”

    Sandra A

Releasing your potential

Masterclasses, retreats and workshops are a very powerful way to anchor learning, especially when combined with introductory and follow up work with the mind, body and spirit; structure, process and systems.

Workshops – can be specifically for your own organisation, or combined with participants from elsewhere too.  The theme will be one that we have identified in discussion with you.

The majority of themes will be related to “inspiring work that allows people and organisations to thrive and make a difference in the world”.

Events are specifically tailored to the audience, but always provide space for reflection and meditation; challenge from subject-matter experts; companionship from your colleagues who are wrestling with the same issues; synthesis of the personal and the organisation; closure so that you know what you will do next.

Some of the workshops we offer include:

bulletRealising your people’s potential – increasing staff engagement

bulletStress, pressure and mindfulness – reducing the pain of working life

bulletEmotional, Conversational and Spiritual Intelligence – perform as the best you can be


bulletThriving in uncertainty – an agile response to a volatile, uncertain, chaotic & ambiguous world

bulletPerformance and Agility – an organisation for turbulent times

bulletEmbedding Values – being the organisation you really want to be